ACES: The Future of
Battlefield Situational Awareness

Hadron is the systems integrator for ACES, a USAF-sponsored innovation program created to bring information dominance to the Warfighter.

Read the full history of the ACES program, or scroll down to find out what it can do for you and how to get it.

What it does

ACES delivers efficient collaboration between many users, unifying their computing environment into a single collaborative workspace that can be shared between all users across large distances.

Interoperable across rooms, sites & classification domains

Multi-platform & OS-agnostic

Built to perform at high latency

ACES syncs data across every mission device: workstation, laptop, mobile device, video wall.

How To Get It

Buy: ACES is a SBIR Phase III investment. If you are a Federal agency, you can purchase it directly from Hadron as a sole-source acquisition, regardless of the scale and cost of your installation. DAU and the USAF SBIR Desk Reference have more information about this process.

Try: Visit our Cambridge lab for a demo, or get a mobile version of ACES in your site for a no-cost evaluation. Contact us.

Satisfied Users

The most telling metric


Maj Gen Robert Wheeler, Deputy CIO, Department of Defense

"This multi-domain, spatial computing platform creates a work environment that has the potential to address multiple Senior Leader communication requirements locally, distributed, and on the move."

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Lt Col James Mattey, Director of Operations, 970th AAC Squadron

"Within a few hours from “go”, we were sharing/collaborating via voice, video and data to two remote sites...Over a weak iPhone connection. All this with parts from Best Buy."

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USSTRATCOM-sponsored study
of ACES effectiveness


"I have never seen a capability
like this."


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Global Interoperability

Every ACES-enabled system at any site in your organization can work together in real-time. Display your 90s-era map system on your floor-to-ceiling video wall. Share your imagery analysis in real-time with an in-flight pilot's tablet. Pipe a radar picture directly to a commander's laptop on the other side of the world. All without setting up a VTC or screensharing session. With ACES, this is the way your systems work from now on.
ACES works with any device that outputs video.


It doesn't matter if one ACES device is on JWICS and another is on NIPRNet. ACES uses content metadata to serve the right content to the right domain seamlessly, without data traversing from the high side to the low side.

ACES seamlessly displays data across classification domains.

Form Factors

ACES can be delivered as a permanent installation in your server room, or as a neatly packaged mobile unit tailored to your mission.


Your standard server room installation, wired and labeled to perfection. You install, or we do. We're flexible.

Fully-loaded capability

As little as 4U

Scalability limited only by rackspace



Ready to go at a moment's notice. Roll it into any facility with power and a network. Amaze people with the power of such a small package.

Carry-on luggage form factor

Pre-wired and configured

As little as 3U

Mobile suitcase form factor


Roll off the plane & into the TOC. This rack is shock-mounted to withstand a one-story drop & is pressure-sealed inside a ballistic case

Ruggedized form factor

Pre-wired and configured

From 3U to 9U

Hardened tactical form factor