Conference Rooms

conference rooms

Stop meeting & start acting.

What it does

Hadron's approach to collaboration is simple: You should be able to show anyone in your organization what you're looking at, within seconds. This capability changes the nature of any meeting with remote participants: VTC. Screensharing. Whiteboard sharing. All are available to you, in ways that work quickly and naturally, allowing you to keep remote participants engaged without disrupting the flow of the meeting.

Our systems perform these tasks as though they were built for this very purpose. That's because they were. Our products work at the operating system level, delivering a seamless experience where computers and people work together effortlessly. Virtually no time is spent creating a collaboration session. When you're ready to start collaborating, just do it. It's simply the way your computers work from now on.

Sound too good to be true? Contact us. We'll set up a free technical demonstration so you can see it first-hand. No slide shows, no snake oil. Just our system in your office, with zero commitments.

Conference tech that's actually usable.

How many times have you seen this happen: you walk into a conference room, and the leader of the meeting tries to use the shiny new VTC software or interactive whiteboard. Ten minutes later, they're still trying to figure it out: the display inputs aren't right, the remote is lost or its batteries are dead, and no one knows the username and password for the system. Eventually, you give up and just have an old-fashioned meeting.

If you're going to invest in technology for your conference rooms, your team ought to be able to use it. A Hadron-powered conference room works the same way as a Hadron-powered ops center or workstation. So when someone tries to run a meeting with the fancy new equipment, they know exactly how to make the most of your investment.

The best display configuration is a flexible one.

Some conference room products are meant to be used with certain screen configurations: they will only work on a 3x1 triptych, or they have to be side-by-side. Sometimes, your remote counterparts need to have a display configuration that mirrors yours exactly. Break from these requirements, and the product starts to break down.

With Hadron, anything is possible. Put as many screens as you want on your walls, in whatever pattern you like. Expand the canvas to other devices in the room, or even to your private office. Love projectors? We can support that. We believe the best way to support your work is to provide tech that integrates with your existing world, rather than forcing you to change your habits.