Cyber Defense

Faster, smoother cyber defense

We offer two broad sets of cyber defense products and services: smartly configured cyber ranges with realistic content,
and a collaboration toolkit that accelerates defensive operations.

The problems that we solve

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Range-based training

We believe cyber ranges should be built the same way we build production servers: fully-automated, dynamically configurable, targeted at a variety of cloud platforms, and tracked in change control.

We think standing up a training scenario should be as easy as sketching out a set of hosts, choosing a cloud provider, and pressing "build."

And we believe these ranges—the venue where you will learn to safeguard modern-day infrastructure—should resemble that infrastructure, with containers, mobile devices, embedded virtualization, and full devops.

Hadron is deeply proficient in virtual infrastructure engineering & management; automated infrastructure provisioning; configuration management; and network design, configuration, and security, including cross-domain and multi-domain systems. We're the type of people who don't sleep at night if a system configuration isn't fully automated. If you work with us to build your range, you will get the best there is.

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Operational collaboration

Cyber events often create a frustrating dynamic, wherein two experts closely collaborate in order to defeat an attack: one is an expert in cyber defense, the other a user of the system being attacked (e.g. SCADA). The cyber expert directly fights the attack, while the other acts as his guide to a foreign system. Such a team should be formidable, but their work is often interrupted by logistical problems, which lead to cognitive disruption, confusion, and frustration.

Our collaboration technology delivers a sense of presence and connectedness that you won't get anywhere else. Teammates work as fluidly as if they were sharing the same system. It works across domains, so each member of the team can contribute effectively no matter who or where they are. Our systems support VTC capability that your staff are already familiar with. Available in a variety of form factors, there's one for every environment, from SCIFs to disaster areas.

To understand more, watch the USAF's promotional video of our technology, or contact us for a demo.

We understand your world.

Collectively, we have built and managed large-scale cyber ranges, co-written Internet security standards, and served in every role of cyber offense, defense, and evaluation (in both exercise and real-world contexts).

We have delivered products for commodities traders, Apple, and Special Operations units. The one common thread among these customers: an uncompromising need for professionalism and security. Learn more about our team, or download our cyber capabilities statement (PDF).