Cyber Defense

Cyber Defense

For a unique problem, Hadron brings singular solutions.
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Smooth operator

Cyber events often require close collaboration between experts. But too often, logistical problems get in the way, creating delays and frustration.

Hadron’s architecture allows you to work across the barriers that separate your organizations, without breaking the rules. Work with another as though you were on the same team, while maintaining the boundaries that keep your networks safe.

Deploy, plug & play

When another entity’s network is under attack and you are called in to help, our mobile, carry-on-style system is the perfect tool. All you need is a one-wire connection to the target network, and you’re ready in seconds. After that, you can keep the unit at the target site and work from your own location. Instead of traveling to the X, Hadron brings the X to you.

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Unparalleled experience

You won't find another provider who understands cyber defense like we do. Collectively, we participate in national-level cyber defense exercises (as both blue and red team members); have managed the world’s dominant authentication service; have authored specifications for Internet security standards; and have worked as C4I intelligence analysts. Consider us a cyber defense team that just happens to build phenomenal collaboration tools.