Ops Centers

Operations Centers

and Fusion Cells

A great leap forward in situational awareness.

"Just put everyone in a room together."

The fusion center has been this century's dominant approach to improving operational and analytic collaboration: Can't get people to talk to each other? Just put them in the same room, and they'll have no choice. It's an approach that certainly has benefits. But unless you pair this crowded, noisy environment with tools that help people make sense of the flood of information, you're simply trading one kind of chaos for another.

Hadron-powered operations and fusion centers restore broad situational awareness to a chaotic, confused environment. To do this, we provide tools that blend into the background and work the way our instincts tell us they ought to: with natural gestures and instant feedback. No shared drives. No shoulder surfing. No awkward, clunky tools of any kind. With Hadron systems, collaboration feels like a human instinct, rather than a key performance metric.

How it works

Our products are driven by a core collaboration principle: Security policies permitting, you should be able to share and collaborate on any digital asset, with anyone in your organization, immediately. This ought to be true no matter the asset—an image, a document, a web browser—and no matter where your teammates are or what device they are using. Hadron makes computers feel as though they were built from the ground-up for collaboration. Because they were.

This principle gives you several powerful capabilities:

  • Rebroadcast any display in your organization to any other display.
  • Jointly edit files with your teammates in real-time, even in applications that have no native collaboration capability.
  • Scale these capabilities to mobile operations centers and on-the-ground personnel.

Our design is forming the foundation for next-generation mission collaboration for the likes of the United States Air Force, and they're loving the results.


Our approach

We build high-polish, top-to-bottom environments for critical missions, tailored for each customer's preferences and behaviors. We do this because we believe technology should accommodate humans rather than the reverse, and that a poor physical work environment can cripple the most powerful technology suites.

An engagement with us begins with a back-and-forth process with our design engineers. We have deep backgrounds in theater, immersive video, and interactive art, worlds where the details—furniture, lights, stray cables—make all the difference. We don't begin building until you've been shown a design that you love.

This is our preferred mode of working, but we're flexible. We realize you may already have vendors who manage your A/V, lighting, and furniture. In cases where office environmentals are out of your control, our pricing model is flexible enough to keep you from paying for polish that you won’t receive.

Your mission should survive, with or without us.

Our software delivers a one-of-a-kind capability. But we build it using commodity hardware and open source software components. Hadron is an authorized reseller of dozens of electronics manufacturers, including the brands that are already hanging on your wall. So if you hire us to upgrade your equipment, you can sleep at night knowing that the next upgrade is achievable, even if we won't be the ones who win your business.
Samsung, LG, NEC, Chief, Cisco, and Peerless