Ops Centers

Operations Centers

Shiny video walls are great. Smart ones are better.

Hadron systems work with multiple device form factors.

Bring clarity to the noise.

Hadron-powered operations and fusion centers restore broad situational awareness to a chaotic, confused environment. Instead of using your videowall for the broadcast news feed that nobody is watching, ACES rebroadcasts any display in your organization, allowing the ops floor to stay abreast of any situation as it develops.

Say goodbye to shoulder-surfing.

With Hadron’s optional Praxis gestural input system, you can move any document, image, or video anywhere within your environment—even to remote, on-the-ground operators. Decision-makers maintain personal control over videowall contents with the ease and precision of a symphony conductor.

forward operating base

Legacy systems? No problem.

Every Hadron-powered device in your enterprise is interoperable—even systems begging for retirement. So the activity in your ops center can be filtered and presented to a boardroom in a neighboring building, to decision-makers in a tent on the other side of the world, or to a satellite-linked laptop in the back of a UH-60.