Price sheet

Price Sheet

The below rates are current as of fiscal year 2019. We strongly encourage customers to buy these items as part of a complete package, rather than piecemeal. A substantial amount of the value of our products comes from the time spent tailoring them to your specific needs.


  • Photon conference room: $105,000.00

    Fit for a room of approximately 4-8 displays. One pilot station included. Photon license and hardware installation included.

  • Carthage core software: $6995.00

    Per socket. Includes licenses to the Carthage core software.

  • Technical support and upgrades: 22% of purchase price

    Per year. All purchases of Carthage and Photon include six months of support and upgrades during normal business hours.

  • All other items: Custom pricing

    including individual Photon accessories such as displays and ingest workstations; Praxis (either ultrasonic or infrared tracking); and Carthage content. These items are all heavily dependent on customer need.


  • Chief Software Engineer: $234.93/hr

  • Senior Software Engineer: $187.93/hr

  • Software Engineer: $140.95/hr

  • Subject Matter Expert: $234.93/hr