About Hadron

Founded by an Apple engineer-turned-MEDEVAC pilot, Hadron's unique team melds unparalleled technical talent, theater-scale immersive video expertise, and deep knowledge of the collaboration problems faced by modern organizations to create elegant solutions to hard problems.

Our technical roots are the Computer Science & Mathematics departments of MIT. Today, we work down the street in Central Square, Cambridge.

Klee Dienes

Klee Dienes

Founder & President

Klee has worked at various times as a large-scale software engineer, cyber defense officer, and U.S. Army helicopter pilot. As a student at the MIT Media Laboratory in the early 1990s, he developed numerous novel prototypes, including a seamless 4,096 X 12,288-pixel display (1992); a real-time commodity-trading platform (1993); the first Internet-based real-time multimedia distribution system (1994); and the first personal music player (1994). As an engineer at NeXT, he was instrumental in the porting of the NeXTSTEP operating system to Apple’s PowerPC architecture, a condition of Apple’s 1997 acquisition of NeXT. As a technical lead at Apple from 1997 to 2005, he managed the initial development of Apple’s low-level debugging environment, as well as the initial release of Apple’s open-source operating system distribution, Darwin. He was a founding member of the GNU debugger steering committee and the Debian GNU/Linux technical steering committee.

From 2009-2010, he served as team leader for a deployed company of MEDEVAC aircraft in southeastern Iraq. During this assignment, he interacted with multiple situational awareness applications in real-world operations, and worked with main-line SOF forces. Based on his Iraq experiences, he became convinced that troops and emergency workers need and deserve better technology. He founded Hadron with this goal in mind.

Klee has a BS and MS degree from MIT. He serves as a defensive cyberoperations officer in the Army National Guard.


Sam Hartman

Systems Engineering & Security

Sam came to Hadron Industries from Painless Security, a computer security company he founded in 2008. In addition to a number of smaller projects including analysis of cryptographic security for core Internet routing protocols, Painless Security focuses most of its efforts on next-generation authentication and identity management software and protocols.

Prior to founding Painless Security, Sam was the Chief Technologist for the MIT Kerberos Consortium, where he oversaw development of the world’s dominant enterprise authentication technology. He simultaneously served as Director of the Internet Engineering Task Force‘s security area, where he managed the publication and maintenance of Internet security standards.

In these prior roles, he has worked on providing system security services across a wide variety of operating systems and embedded platforms. Prior to MIT, Sam was the architect at FundsXpress, an online financial services company later acquired by First data.

Sam has worked on system security software for over twenty years. He has a BS in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering from MIT.


Jeff LeBlanc

Software Engineering

Jeff has extensive experience building interactive environments and data visualization software for a wide range of museum, commercial and technology clients. As Technical Producer at Potion Design, a New York-based design firm, Jeff managed the development, implementation, and installation of ten major interactive environments over a five-year period, including the Interactive Table at the Smithsonian’s Star Spangled Banner Exhibit, the Eyewitness to Genocide Project at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, and the Wall of Innovation for Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs.

He has a BS in Mathematics from MIT and a Master’s degree in interactive technology from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts.


Matt Tennie

Hardware Engineering

Matt designs and builds the physical aspects of Hadron’s products, from our custom-built PCs and racked servers to the theater-scale environments in which our customers work. An incredibly detail-oriented person, Matt ensures our users’ workspaces and physical tools blend into the background so that they can focus on what matters.

Before perfecting the look and feel for Hadron’s products, he worked in New York City developing interactive multimedia performance technology for several companies including Blue Man Group, New York City Opera, and the National Symphony Orchestra, as well as dozens of theaters, galleries, and museums across the country. He received institutional supported for research and development to produce a VR headset-based 360 degree surround vision system for piloting drones. His graduate work at NYU focused on immersive media-rich environments that react to people, culminating in his thesis, a novel home automation system that incorporated face, eye, and gestural tracking.

Klee Dienes

Matthew Burton


Matthew has been designing and evaluating technology solutions for government and private sector organizations for 12 years. Prior to Hadron, he was the Deputy and Acting Chief Information Officer at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, where he created and oversaw the Federal Government’s premier in-house digital products team, as well as the build-out of a nationwide, 1500-user IT enterprise.

Matthew began his career as an intelligence analyst at the Defense Intelligence Agency. In 2005, at the age of 24, he authored a proposal for democratizing Intelink, earning praise from the Director of Central Intelligence and helping initiate a series of technology-based efforts across the IC to improve information sharing. Among these efforts was a collaboration between Matthew and intelligence pioneer Richards Heuer to build a web-based version of Heuer’s ACH analytic methodology

He has a BA in Public Policy Studies from Duke University and a Master’s degree in interactive technology from NYU.


Josh VanBuskirk


In addition to ensuring the timely execution of all customer priorities and requirements, Josh manages Hadron’s communications with DoD partners and customers.

Commissioned in 2006 as a Tactical Intelligence Officer, Josh has completed a variety of assignments throughout his career in the DoD and IC. Before joining Hadron, he was the Brigade S2 and TSC Coordinator for the CENTCOM AOR Force Field Artillery Headquarters (FFAHQ). He has also served as the Aide for the Deputy Commanding Generals of US Army Africa; an Intelligence Trainer and Targeteer for JSOC; and a Tactical Intelligence Officer for the 30th ABCT.

Josh is a master trainer and targeting expert. He has supported Theater Security Operations (TSC) seminars, classes and exchanges in over twenty countries in the Middle East, Africa and Europe. Josh was recently selected to be an instructor for the Reserve Component Command and Staff College in Germany. Josh has degrees from both Cornell University and American Military University.