Photon is the world's most advanced collaboration platform.

What is it, exactly?

I see what you see, and you see what I see. Anytime, anywhere, on any device.

That is Photon in a nutshell. No more shoulder surfing with your teammate down the hall. No more sharing via email attachment. No more walking your forward-deployed counterpart through a maze of clicks over the phone so they can see what you’re looking at. If you want someone to see what you see, just drag-and-drop.

Photon makes this possible by turning all of an enterprise’s electronic displays—video walls, desktop monitors, and handheld devices—into a single, unified workspace. In Ops Center environments, a single user’s desktop can be easily broadcast to the entire room over a video wall, as well as to deployed posts.

This faster, more seamless form of collaboration provides something indispensable to your mission: 

Better decisions under pressure.

Photon vs The Others

Global interoperability

Photon lets you share seamlessly and immediately with any other user regardless of device: Video walls to cell phones. Conference rooms to cockpits. Operating system differences matter not.

Always on

Collaboration doesn't happen by appointment. With Photon, your connection to your teammates is always on. Access rules permitting, content is persistently and immediately shareable without having to reserve a time or dial a conference number.


Photon was built from scratch to work in denied, disrupted, intermittent, low-bandwidth (D-/DIL) environments. That means your team will maintain real-time situational awareness even when your network is tremendously bad.

Bad network? No problem.

Unpredictable connectivity is a way of life for our customers. The way we see it, network resilience is a requirement, not a feature. Nevertheless, Photon’s network performance is unmatched among competitors.

Just how good is it? In September 2018, the day after Hurricane Florence made landfall, Photon managed a 12-display conference between Myrtle Beach and Oklahoma using a 1Kbps cellular connection.

Multi-domain as it ought to be

Photon can integrate with cross-domain solutions for a truly seamless user experience. We could explain what we mean by “seamless,” but a picture is worth a thousand words.

An animated GIF: a single document is displayed across two screens of notionally different classifications. As the document moves from one display to another, redactions within the document appear and disappear commensurate with the classification of the display.

Many-to-Many Collaboration

Photon can integrate with all types of software to seamlessly connect operators to their time critical decision making tools. Why choose a single collaborative solution, when you could have a whole platform designed and tested for it.

During the 513th ACG military utility assessment of ACES, Photon was able to provide AWACS operators direct access to the same 15-line personnel recovery document, enabling the operators to cut the kill chain by over 20%. Real world, that time is the difference between life and death for a servicemember

Our users (and what they think)


Maj Gen Robert Wheeler, then-Deputy CIO, Department of Defense

“This multi-domain, spatial computing platform creates a work environment that has the potential to address multiple Senior Leader communication requirements locally, distributed, and on the move.”


Col James Mattey, then-Director of Operations, 970th AAC Squadron

“Within a few hours from ‘go’, we were sharing/collaborating via voice, video and data to two remote sites…Over a weak iPhone connection. All this with parts from Best Buy.”


Capt Indiana Janssen, 552d TRSS/ADO

“I could have really used this when I was working with Kessel Run last year at the CAOC. If I could say, ‘Hey Kessel Run, look at what I’m looking at right now.’ I could share that bug report directly instead of having to describe the problem in an email.”


Capt Brandon “PigPen” Woods, Flight Commander/JICO, 552d TRSS/DOME

“The coupling of ACES Software with the modernizing space and cyber infrastructure will lead to a precursor to the unified C2 framework. Photon is the answer for multi-domain information sharing. This application shows great promise in laying out the groundwork for greater interoperability and could lead to a foundational capability for ABMS.”


Maj Daniel “Doc” Watson, 552d ACW/XP

“ACES Software provides real-time interoperability between Battle Management crews at the tactical and operational level and across multiple domains. As we look to bring the future faster ACES will be a major capability.”


USSTRATCOM-sponsored study

“I have never seen a capability like this. We solved a real issue in our room(i.e., room manifest) before the exercise even started. We completed that using this technology.”


1st Lt Dan Colton, Air Battle Manager, 963d AACS
“Extremely fast and seamless. I was never delayed by the Photon system. It creates an extremely quick avenue to pass information with practically zero delay or detraction from situational awareness or mission objectives.”


Maj John “Wes” Holsinger, ADO/Chief of Wing Innovation, 552d TRSS

“Overall I feel ACES is very effective in allowing C2 players the ability to shorten the kill chain via real time collaboration of vital data/information sharing.”

See for yourself.

Most people do not truly understand Photon until they use it. That’s why we make it easy: contact us to schedule a demonstration at our office in Cambridge, MA, or at one of several locations in the National Capital Region.

Don’t worry: Our demonstrations are all about your mission and our engineering, with absolutely no sales pressure. Tech staff are encouraged to attend.

Get an online demo.

Request a time for an online demo with one of our engineers. We get right to the point and will make the most of your limited time.

How to get it

Photon is available via several contract vehicles. We supply prospective customers with on-site, at-cost demonstration installations on a limited basis. Contact us for a demonstration,, and learn about Photon’s SBIR history.

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