Private Sector

We come from the national security world. Our products are built to support the most challenging situations imaginable. Which means they’re also fit for a host of corporate applications.

Telepresence for production, not just people

Go beyond face-to-face conversations with your remote teams. Photon brings your work products into a borderless collaboration environment.

Persistent situational awareness

Maintain the same visibility of evolving crises that your on-the-ground staff have.

Always-on conferencing

With Photon, there's no need to reserve a time or dial a number. Your boardroom has persistent connectivity to every other screen in your organization.

Insight into every video source

Photon's common-sense GUI for sharing displays will enable your staff to maintain visibility of the most intriguing content, no matter how fast your story evolves.

Unprecedented network performance

Photon was built to help tactical warfighters stream video across frontiers with poor network coverage. Imagine what its network efficiency could do for your own video feeds.

Cyber ranges that actually work

With Carthage, you can clone your operational configuration, pen test it, tear it down, and do it all over again several times a day, without ever jeopardizing your live network.

Accurate sandboxes, every time

The ease of storing and altering your enterprise configuration means you can test modifications within a safe environment.

Shared situational understanding

With Photon, you can safely share access to systems—even those that are under attack—with any team member.

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