Media & Downloads

Gesture-based navigation

In addition to our collaboration and systems management tools, Hadron develops gesture-based interfaces powered by infrared and ultrasound. Here, one of our engineers interacts with a simulated urban environment using hand gestures and voice controls.  

Urban Telepresence

A USAF customer uses our gesture-based input system to navigate a 3D environment for an urban telepresence application. This video was recorded during the user’s first few minutes of using the input system.

SOCOM montage

A sample of the hardware and capabilities we built for Special Operations Command in 2013.

Gesture-based data navigation

This gesture-based navigation of earthquake data is powered by a Microsoft Kinect.

ACES/Photon promo reel

HAF/A2Q produced this 2015 promotional video highlighting the capabilities of Photon as the engine of its ACES program. 

Carthage promo reel

A short video produced as part of our 2018 contract with AFWERX.

AWACS Military Utility Assessment

A 12-page USAF assessment of Photons applicability to AWACS

Carthage marketing slick

A 1-page summary of Carthage’s capabilities.

USCYBERCOM White Paper: Carthage
collaboration toolkit

A 18-page summary of Carthage’s capabilities in the operators cyberspace.

426th Network Warfare Squadron: Range Feedback

A 4-page report by MSgt William Reeves detailing the  experience in utilizing Carthage for their semi‐annual 1B4 boot camp.

Cyber capabilities statement

A review of Hadron’s expertise and experience in the realm of cybersecurity.

Photon for SOC collaboration

Information on how Photon can  improve teamwork within SOC settings.

Photon: An integrator for legacy systems

Photon is compatible with any system that outputs video, it can provide remote access to systems that even pre-date the Internet.

Command and Control applications of Photon

Exploring the backbone of ACES: Photon and its applicability to the Theater Air Ground System (TAGS).